10 Custom Tiny Homes to Inspire Your Build

Tiny homes have been growing in popularity for those who want to live a more minimal lifestyle, break into the housing market, or downsize their home. But, living tiny doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style or design! At Stanley Tiny Homes, we pride ourselves on designing tiny homes that are gorgeous, durable, and maximize a limited space.

Our team of expert designers will work with you to create a stunning build that matches your aesthetic and lifestyle. Here are 10 custom tiny home ideas to inspire your build!

Unique, Custom Window Treatments

A custom tiny home featuring stained glass windows.

They say that windows are the eyes of the house. In this gorgeous design, we incorporated a staggered stained glass window treatment to add personality, color, and ambiance. Combined with the red framing, these windows complement the burnt orange siding for a vibrant and eye-catching design. When the morning sun or evening sunset hits the panes, the light is enhanced by passing through the colored glass. This is a creative way to add character and natural light without compromising on privacy.

Window Treatment Ideas

  • Try floor-to-ceiling windows for bright, natural light.
  • Use a mix of shapes and sizes for curb appeal.
  • Add a stained glass window as a statement piece.

Eye-Catching Backsplash

A tiny home kitchen featuring wood countertop and tin tile backsplash.

Combined with custom cabinets and a cherry butcher block countertop, American tin tile backsplash brings a sleek and rustic touch to this kitchen. The silver shine of the tiles adds a visual contrast to the warm wood tones without overpowering the small space.

Backsplash Ideas

  • For a classic kitchen, use white subway tiles.
  • Add a pop of color with green or blue backsplash.
  • Get creative with unique shapes and patterns.

A Pop of Color

A tiny home bathroom with wood paneling and a blue sink.

Adding a pop of color can make a big impact in a tiny home. Not only does it brighten up a room, but it can also create a visual centerpiece for a small space. In this bathroom, a teal sink adds a colorful contrast to the wood paneling, transforming the space. 

Ideas for Adding Color

  • Paint the kitchen cabinets a bright color.
  • Use colorful or printed tiles in the shower.
  • Add an accent wall in the living room.

Decorative Archways

A custom tiny home with decorative wood arches.

In a small space, it’s important to use decorative touches that don’t interfere with the functionality of the home. In this build, the curved, vaulted ceilings add architectural intrigue without compromising on space. Incorporating a unique roof pitch and/or ceiling height adds depth and variety, making the home appear more spacious. The silver tiles and black trim add layered textures to make the archways stand out even more.

More Space-Saving Decor Ideas

  • Use a mix of textures and colors for depth.
  • Add a sliding door into the bathroom.
  • Line the walls with custom bookshelves.

Combined Siding

Custom tiny homes with a combination of wood and black metal paneling.

For a modern vibe, try using multiple sidings on the outside of your tiny home. On this house, a mix of black metal and locally sourced wood siding adds contrast and style. And the blue door adds a colorful touch to make the home even more inviting.

Combined Siding Combos

  • Aluminum siding + natural wood
  • Faux stone + vinyl siding
  • Composite + shingle siding

Custom Kitchens

Custom tiny home kitchen with blue cabinets and wood paneling.

With so many design options, it’s no surprise that many clients choose to make the kitchen the centerpiece of their home. Whether you’re a fan of bright and airy or sleek and modern designs, the kitchen is the perfect opportunity to get creative and show off your personality. Even better, our designers can offer a variety of options to maximize functionality and storage space.

Tiny Home Kitchen Ideas

  • Go with open shelving over bulky cabinets to make the kitchen appear bigger.
  • Use extra space on the walls for built-in spice racks or a pot rack.
  • Add personality with colorful cabinets or unique backsplashes.

Cozy Hideaway

Walk-in bedroom lofts in custom tiny homes.

A loft bedroom is one of our favorite ways to maximize space and privacy in our tiny home builds. Ladders are commonly used for accessing the bedroom, but a walking loft is another option for those who prefer the stability of stairs. Additionally, because lofts can be difficult for some bodies, a “no-crawl” loft is the perfect option for providing comfort while maximizing space.

While some homeowners find it challenging to find creative freedom in the bedroom design, there are actually a lot of unique ways to make it your favorite room in the house! By using a mix of wood, warm tones, and built-in furniture, we design each bedroom to be your cozy haven.

Tiny Home Bedroom Ideas

  • Use built-in, under-the-bed storage for shoes & accessories.
  • Add small shelves on the walls to use as nightstands.
  • Instead of lamps, go for sconces to save even more space.
  • Incorporate a walking loft or a no-crawl loft for additional comfort.

Wood Burning Stove

A wood burning stove in a tiny home living room.

Just because you live tiny doesn’t mean you can’t add ambiance to your home! A wood-burning stove can be the perfect way to add something cozy. While it is not an ideal primary heat source, it is a lovely addition when paired with a mini-split. In this home, a wall-mounted wood-burning stove adds extra charm to the living room without taking up too much space.

Other Fireplace Options

  • Make a floor-standing fireplace the center of your home.
  • Incorporate an electric fireplace into your living room for a modern look.
  • Border the fireplace with stone or tile for an elegant design.

Mixed Wood Tones

A tiny home loft with mixed wood tones.

While a monotone wood design is trendy, using a mix of wood tones can add depth and layering to your tiny home. From cabinetry and wood paneling to flooring and ceiling beams, a variety of shapes, colors, and textures will make the interior even more stunning.

Wood Combinations to Try

  • Use a mix of maple, white oak, and walnut for warmth.
  • If you prefer cooler tones, try a mix of woods with greys and blacks.
  • Mix stained and painted wood for depth and contrast.

Custom Shelving

Custom shelving in tiny homes.

One of the #1 ways we maximize space in a home is with unique, custom-built shelving. In this example, we used a Japanese-inspired design called Tansu to create stairs that double as pull-out drawers for storage.

Shelving Ideas

  • Make cubbies in the space under the stairs for shoes, clothing, or pantry items.
  • Use extra wall space for built-in shelving.
  • Add toe-kick drawers in the kitchen for small utensils.

Build Your Tiny Home

There is no limit to creativity when it comes to building a tiny home for your design and lifestyle needs. Together, we can create a tiny house that will feel like home for years to come!

Ready to get started? Get in touch to get a free estimate and learn more about our unique design options!

Why Sustainable Tiny Homes are the Next Big Thing

As the global movement towards sustainable living has gained momentum over the years, tiny homes have become a popular solution for low-cost, eco-friendly living. Tiny homes, which often range from 100 to 400 square feet, offer a variety of benefits that contribute to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle. From the use of reclaimed materials to producing less waste, there are so many reasons to live tiny!

A woman building a tiny home with reclaimed wood.

Sustainable & Reclaimed Materials

Sustainable and reclaimed materials are a key element in building eco-friendly tiny homes. By sourcing local and reclaimed materials, we are able to not only minimize transportation emissions but also make use of recycled or repurposed items. Stanley Tiny Homes is proud to work with Sankofa Lumber and Sustainable Northwest Wood to source reclaimed wood and wood waste for our building projects. From salvaged lumber to reclaimed windows, tiny homes are the epitome of how resourcefulness can create beautiful living spaces and minimize environmental impact.

Fewer Resources

Tiny homes are built on the philosophy of maximizing function with less resources. The very nature of smaller living spaces means that they require less materials, leading to a smaller ecological footprint. While traditional homes require many resources from timber to insulation, tiny homes put efficiency at the forefront! At Stanley Tiny Homes, we are committed to sourcing only the necessary materials to create a functional, comfortable, and fully-custom living space designed to fit your lifestyle.

Heat pump on a tiny home.

Consume Less Energy

Small living spaces inherently use less energy. Tiny homes require far fewer utilities such as heating, air conditioning, and lighting, than a traditional home. This results in lower energy bills and less strain on the power grid. Additionally, many tiny homes are custom-designed with energy-efficient features such as solar panels, intentional window placement, and tankless water heaters to further commit to energy efficiency.

Better Spending Habits

Because tiny homes have little space, they encourage homeowners to shift their mindset towards intentional living. With just a fraction of the space, tiny homeowners must reconsider their purchasing habits to maximize the efficiency of their homes. By choosing functional, multi-use furniture, tiny homeowners can ensure that every item serves a purpose. This not only lessens excessive spending but also reduces the demand for resource-intensive manufacturing.

Tiny house bathroom.

Sustainable Features

Tiny homes are oftentimes built to incorporate sustainable features that enhance their efficiency. Features such as solar panels, rainwater harvesting systems, and composting toilets offer eco-friendly solutions that conserve resources and maximize efficiency. Not only are tiny homes self-sufficient, but they also contribute positively to their surrounding environments.

Produce Less Waste

The construction industry is a significant contributor to global waste. However, tiny homes offer an eco-friendly solution by generating much less waste during the building phase. Additionally, many tiny homes are custom-built to reduce waste on a daily basis. Tiny homes emphasize minimalism and space optimization which means fewer resources are needed. Furthermore, many tiny homeowners embrace a zero-waste lifestyle to minimize their environmental impact even further.

Living room in a tiny home.

Minimalism & Intentional Living

Beyond the environmental benefits, tiny homes also promote a lifestyle centered around minimalism and intentional living. By embracing a modest, clutter-free lifestyle, you can not only reduce excessive spending but you can also purchase items more responsibly. Tiny homeowners often find themselves more connected to their homes by making the most of their space and only buying what is necessary. This can help foster a deeper appreciation for the environment and a commitment to sustainable practices.

Make the Move to Tiny Living

Tiny homes have made a big impact on sustainable living and promoting an eco-friendly way of life. By utilizing fewer resources, incorporating sustainable materials, consuming less energy, and adopting sustainable features, tiny homes are the perfect example of how conscious living can make a significant impact on our planet.

If you are ready to pursue a more sustainable way of life, get in touch. We would love to build you a tiny home that perfectly aligns with your eco-friendly lifestyle!